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Tell us a little about yourself

Let’s see. I’m your typical statuesque Greek. Or at least I could be with some diet and a lot of exercise. Assuming the plastic surgeries took. Anyway, I’m also an avid reader and architect by training. Instead of building houses, however, I have been writing books and developing websites for the past 20-odd years…

Nicholas C. Rossis and MeliFor some reason, I have found myself giving a lot of interviews lately. Knowing how much you enjoy reading them (please stop yawning), I have put together the list from the last couple of weeks. By the simple act of clicking on the links below, you can:

For the very first time, you can read all about my (incredibly small) part in stopping a serial killer, my feelings on doughnuts without holes and why my mother to this day still believes I’m an architect, despite all my efforts to convince her otherwise…