Chris the Story Reading Ape’s has gone bananas, offering his pre-prepared book covers for peanuts (talk about a mixed metaphor) until December 31st!

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Chris the Story Reading Ape is very versatile for an ape and puts his paw to almost everything literary. This includes pre-prepared book covers that are gracing the work of several of our fellow bloggers.


Not only are the covers good to look at but are on special offer until December 31st making them not just a great gift to yourself as a writer but also for other authors in your community so please share with them.


Today I am showcasing covers that Chris has finished and are in use but of course you can work with him on your own text and requirements.

High resolution copies are available direct from Chris if you wish to see them in more detail.



Normally the pre-made covers are $25 / £15 without Text, but the special offer means that you will only pay $15 / £10

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