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Tara comes out of her pirate closet, and tells it as it is. As I often say, obscurity is the Indie’s enemy; not piracy.

Tara Sparling writes

Isn't Internet Piracy Just Awful? Well, No. Not Really

When I was a student, which wasn’t today nor yesterday, but to be fair, isn’t a million years ago either, I listened to a lot of music, and read a lot of books. I didn’t have much money for either of these things. In fact, due to a combination of a healthy social life, and an unhealthy smoking habit, I didn’t have any money for either of these things. And yet I still had books, and I still had music.

Very occasionally, I would get presents of books or CDs, but mostly, I borrowed books fromfriends, familyor libraries, and copied other people’s CDs onto tapes for myself. The books I actuallybought were for school or college courses. And whereas theother authors I was reading may have been paid royalties from libraries (presuming they weren’t long dead, which many of them were), the musicians whose music I ripped didn’t get a…

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