Don Mazzenzio is publishing his fourth Detective Frank Rozzani novel in April!

Author Don Massenzio

In April, I will be releasing the fourth book in my Frank Rozzani Detective Series. In anticipation of that, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the book and reveal the cover.

Here is a synopsis:

Frank Rozzani, a transplant to Jacksonville, Florida from Syracuse, New York, has left his tragic past as a police officer behind for life as a private detective. Frank and his partner Clifford “Jonesy” Jones work with the local police to solve crimes that are virtually unsolvable.

In Frankly My Dear, the fourth in the Frank Rozzani Detective Series of novels, Frank and Jonesy are at it again and this time the case is one of the most bizarre that they have faced. Their latest client, arrested for domestic abuse, swears that he is the victim of one of the most vengeful women on the face of the earth.

Frank and Jonesy…

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