Lucy has come up with a great idea: book reviewer interviews! She starts with one most of us know well; Cleo.


Book Reviewer Interview

I have decided to start interviewing book reviewers on my blog for the following reasons:

  • Book reviewers hold a lot of useful literary insight for writers.
  • Book reviewers are very valuable to us when our books are published. It is useful to see how their book reviewer mind works.
  • I believe getting inside the mind of a book reviewer will make an excellent blog post.

To kick off my new Book Reviewer Interviews slot is Cleo Bannister.

I am so excited because Cleo is one of my favourite book reviewers. I buy books according to what she says.

If you are not familiar with her blog‘Cleopatra Loves Books’ please check it out.

Welcome Cleo, I am thrilled that you have agreed to this. Please have a seat in my new book reviewer chair!

Tell me about yourself.

Well that’s a daunting opening question! I am a forty-something woman, I…

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