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Folks, I read about author Arianne “Tex” Thompson’s friend Kristen at Tex’s blog post of April 5, 2016. If you haven’t read Tex’s moving post yet, please do…then come back here, as I have some words.

OK. I’m going to take it that you’ve gone there, read Tex’s post, and are ready for my thoughts.

Tex’s friend Kristen Coster is a fellow writer. She’d worked hard to get several degrees, and had found a job she’d loved, teaching classics to kids. Then, one day, a classroom projector casing fell on Kristen, and her life inextricably changed.

So, one day, Kristen was poor but hard-working, writing up a storm, teaching the classics, petting her cat (when her cat would let her, anyway, as it sounds from Tex’s post that Kristen’s cat is one of the world’s worst-behaved cats imaginable). And the next, Kristen was unemployed, with disabling headaches, having to…

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