A fine selection by Sally!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

mention in dispatchesWelcome to this week’s look at the creative posts written by bloggers here on WordPress this week. I am only one woman (I say this modestly) so unfortunately it is beyond me to read every wonderful post written this week on WP.  However, you will find if you head over to read these particular articles; that one thing leads to another.

It is a little bit like going to the local library or a bookshop and browsing the shelves. You are looking for one book in particular but then your eye catches a title on the shelf below and – hang on a minute – what is that on the shelf above?

Most bloggers display their most recent posts on their blogs and before you know it you are down the rabbit hole with Alice and it is mid-morning and time for coffee.

I am sure that you will enjoy…

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