A great (and free) fantasy read by a master of the genre. Part 2 can be found on For anyone stumbling here by accident, the fun continues in Part 2: https://legendsofwindemere.com/2016/06/03/ichabod-brooks-the-starwind-egg-part-ii/

Legends of Windemere

Ichabod Brooks Ichabod Brooks


Ichabod Brooks takes another sip of whiskey as the cluster of oxen and carts come into view. The small collection sits a quarter mile away from the base of Galaces Mountain, an enchanted rope preventing them from getting any closer. The blue-eyed adventurer adjusts the dark red cloak to make his ebony longbow more accessible, but he knows the weapon will be covered again before he needs it. Ichabod does not have to wonder why he is getting nervous even though it will be his fourth time up the mountain. While not the longest climb, Galaces is infamous for its unique creatures, shifting winds, and what many believe to be a primal intelligence deep within the very stone. There are usually only two reasons to challenge the mountain, which are poaching and to say you reached the cloud-covered peak. In his youth, Ichabod made the climb simply…

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