An excellent post that sheds some light on recent complaints about low KENP counts (I, too, have noticed that, by the way). Let’s hope that Amazon sorts out any possible bugs.

I love Amazon’s KDP Select almost as much as I love Buster, my 13-year-old Pekeapom, a mix of Pekingese and Pomeranian, the dog you see to the right.

But my rescue pup dirties up the carpet every now and then. And in a way that’s exactly what KDP has been doing lately.

Last month, some alert authors smelled mismatches and oddities in the reporting of their page reads from subscribers to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service (KU). “Page reads” is the number of standardized Kindle pages read—this varying amount usually brings U.S. writers between 0.4 and half a cent.

The page read numbers roughly tend to follow a KU author’s retail sales curve (the books people purchase, rather than read through KU), sometimes a day or two delayed.

Longer books normally have more page reads, of course. New releases tend to see a steep jump in page reads that rises to a peak a few weeks or months out…

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