An Amazon reviewer shares her experience, warts and all.



Ok, so I know I’ve been away for the last week.  Apart from some personal stuff I’m still taking care of, I’ve been struggling to read or write anything for a post in my spare time.  On Wednesday Amazon UK decided to delete a whole bunch of reviews and I saw more than 60 of my reviews just disappear.  To be fair they did this to many top reviewers.  A mass deletion of reviews for free products (don’t worry, my book reviews are safe), but their deletion process made no sense.  Some reviews have been deleted while others stay.  Customer service answers have been generic and useless.  Enquiries on the forums and get you insulted.  Amazon’s not the place I thought it was.  You need a thick skin just to be a reviewer there.  And if you upset an employee or a fellow reviewer, you can be in for some…

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