Don Massenzio shares a chapter from his second book!

Author Don Massenzio

Publishing your first book is a scary proposition. The only thing that might be more scary is publishing your second. When I wrote Frankly Speaking, I set it up as the first book in what would be at least a trilogy. That forced me to begin writing the 2nd book.

Let Me Be Frank, I tried a new technique at the suggestion of my friend and editor, Catherine Violando. It’s what I like to call the Columbo technique. On the American detective show, Columbo, the episode often started with the crime and sometimes even revealed the killer to the audience. The rest of the show was centered around how the seemingly bumbling Columbo would trick the brilliant criminal into revealing their crime.

Let Me Be Frankstarts with a seemingly senseless murder and then spends the rest of the book following Frank and Jonesy around the southeastern…

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