Some great tips on deepening PoV.

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You might know me as Stephen Geez, but right now you’re meeting (revisiting?) my GeezWriter brand for enhancing writing and publishing skills. I’ve volunteer-taught story-writing classes to youths and adults around the USA over many decades while developing a plethora of hand-outs and how-to’s. I’ve packaged a dozen or so how-to books and outlined many more, the first five of which are now available on Amazon. The GeezWriter website where this blog is embedded offers pointers and services (book trailers, editing, cover design—you can find the list) from Geez and my talented crew as well as from other experts such as the esteemed Harmony Kent, Lizzie Chantree, Marcha Fox, and Beem Weeks. Other experts have accepted my invitation to join, so watch for this to keep expanding.


giphy viewpointViewpoint?

Here is an excerpt from my Point of View

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