Staci’s thoughts on Father’s Day and writing links

Staci Troilo

This week, my inspirational quote is a little different than usual. Father’s Day is Sunday, so that’s where my thoughts are—not on the week behind me, but on a day coming up.

Father's Day

I’ve been blessed with many wonderful examples of fatherhood. My grandfather and my father were everything a girl could have asked for: strong, fun, loving, caring, encouraging. I have uncles and inlaws galore who fit the bill, too. I can’t tell you how full of love my heart is for each and every one of them.

But my blessings, rich though they are, don’t end there. I married a man who is the best father I ever could have wanted for my children. He gave me a son and a daughter who are smart, funny, strong, and beautiful. I love him for many reasons, but maybe for that most of all.

This week, I got to spend time…

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