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Staci Troilo

My brain is exploding. This week was writing, publishing, and marketing—the trifecta of stressful. Well, writing isn’t usually stressful. Not for me. Not unless I’m behind on a deadline. And typically, I’m not. (I’m obsessive about meeting deadlines.) But when editing, publishing, and marketing infringe on my budgeted writing time, I can either work myself sick or fall a bit behind.

Historically, I’ve chosen the former. This time, I chose the latter.

Probably not the best decision with respect to my work, but when you’re busting out at least five thousand words a day five days a week, it’s hard to sustain that pace if you spend eight hours a day on other things.

Could I have done it? Yes.

Should I have? Maybe.

Did I? No.

Do I regret it? We’ll see.

As it stands, I probably needed the break. Now I need to kick into high gear, though…

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