Nothing to do with books, but it’s a great tale told in a beautiful way–and it may help those of us who are struggling with our kids!

Jenny's Rants

I ran into an old enemy recently. We first met at a mother and toddler group when our youngest children were just under two years old.

Back then **Dennis had major development delays and little to no communication skills. He would go days without making a single sound, not even a cry!
The other mothers would be delighted that they had successfully toilet trained their kid and I would be awkward as fuck but delighted none the less that my kid could finally pull himself up into a sitting position and clap his hands together. Oh, oh, and he can say shoe. Ok, it sounds like he is saying poo, but trust me, he is definitely learning to say shoe. Like, randomly. Not meaningful in any way. But fuck it, he is learning to talk and I’m over the moon.

It was difficult times. New territory and I hadn’t a…

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