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Joan Hall

Last Saturday, my husband and I attended a reunion. A very special reunion. Attendees came from all walks of life and were of various ages. All were there to celebrate a special anniversary. For some, it was one year, others five-ten years, and still some celebrated twenty-plus years. Confused yet?

In October 1993, my husband underwent a bone marrow transplant at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. He’s a two-time cancer survivor who has now been cancer free for twenty-five years.

Each year, the Baylor transplant program holds a reunion for survivors. For various reasons, we had been unable to attend since 1994, but with this being a milestone year, we made a point to make it. Needless to say, being back in the place where John spent twenty-four days in the hospital brought back lots of memories. We recalled the first day when he went for a consult. We…

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