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Joan Hall

A silver lining. Photo was taken in 2011 during a severe drought.

Confession. After ten days of vacation, waking up to an alarm and going to work was hard. With the September days growing shorter, the sun hasn’t risen before I leave the house.

I made my usual stop at our local What-a-Burger for a sausage-egg biscuit and the largest iced tea they sell (need to tank up on the caffeine, and I don’t drink coffee). Even as I pulled onto the interstate, I found myself wishing I could be home.

But then came a silver lining. The sun peaked over the horizon, surrounded by clouds. I reached for my phone, hoping to take a photo, but traffic prohibited me from doing so. Had I not been on my way to work, I would have missed a beautiful scene. We don’t have to look far to find a silver lining…

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