Stevie’s writer links of the week

Stevie Turner

Thanks to these authors and bloggers for their writing tips:

1.  Lauren Reyes Grange with these 11 apps:

11 Apps That Are Changing The Way We Work, Learn, Travel and Live

2.  Darren Rowse on building an audience for your blog:

3.  Ari Meghlen on how to copy a blog post:

How to copy a blog post & why you might want to

4.  Derek Haines with this info on ISBN numbers, and how to become a better writer:

5.  Mindy Hood on building a 21st century author platform:

6.  Anne R. Allen with this list of bad publishing advice to ignore:

7.  Nicholas C. Rossis with this info on Amazon Advertising, and moving books from CreateSpace to KDP:

8.  Kristen Lamb with info on log-lines:

9.  Jean M. Cogdell writes about ‘urgency’ in your novel:

Urgent, What you need to know about writing

10. …

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