“Every child wants to read when they begin school. Enthusiasm is 100%.
By fourth grade only 54% read something for pleasure every day.
By eighth grade only 30% read for pleasure.
By twelfth grade that number has dropped to 19%.”

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Welcome to the first of the blogger daily posts this week, where I share a small selection of posts that I have read and enjoyed in the last few days.

The first post today is by Jennie Fitzkee and is the second part to Language, Literature and storytelling for her pre-school class. In my opinion, everyone should have had a teacher like Jennie to inspire them to read and write. I was very lucky to have had such a teacher when I was four and she must have made an impression on me, because 61 years later I still remember Mrs. Miller and her encouragement.

In Part One, I talked about growing readers, reading aloud, and chapter reading. I talked about how language, and the number of words a child hears is critical to academic success in school. And I took language to the next step, expanding on a…

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