One of my new followers has posted this amazing, inspirational story. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Marisa Personius was diagnosed with cancer, stage III Hodgkin lymphoma, at age 22.  Doctors kept her in ICU and she was unable to do anything without assistance.  One night after a chemotherapy infusion (a treatment where the cancer-fighting drugs are delivered to the patient intravenously through an IV drip) Marisa was lying on the couch, watching television and someone put on a surf video.

 “I saw a guy nose riding and thought it looked like the funnest thing ever,” Marisa says.

“Being able to walk down the street and bathe myself were the things I looked forward to,” Marisa says.

She decided that when she recovered she wanted to figure out how to do that (glide across an ocean wave while hanging all ten toes on the nose of a surfboard).  It was nice to have a dream but before Marisa Personius could get into the water she…

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