Pete, with a great selection of blogs to follow


I have often mentioned that I follow over 100 other blogs. Some are on WordPress, and some are self-hosted. It has been a long time since I have recommended that you look at those blogs, though of course many of you will be the bloggers featured. 🙂

So I am starting a short series on blogs that I suggest you check out. Each will have a short description, and a link to the main page. There will be something for everyone; from stunning photos, to film reviews, book reviews, and general musings. If you have some time to spare, please think about those that might interest you, and perhaps read a couple of their posts.

Let’s keep the community vibrant!

A European couple, living a lovely life in a village on the North Norfolk Coast. Stunning photography, together with intelligent and thought-provoking text. Nature, Wildlife, and the elements.

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