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Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! As I write this, I’m waiting for my coffee to finish brewing. That means I’m once again in need of caffeine. But as I wait, I want to share a bit about my writing week.

I think I mentioned that I’m currently writing a sci-fi series. If I didn’t, sorry. Now you know. (They say the memory is the second thing to go.) I’ve written short sci-fi but never a novel, let alone a series. So far, it’s been interesting. I’m using an outline (of course I am) but I’ve veered from it more than ever before. Things keep coming to me to enrich the story, and I have to weave those threads in. It’s kind of freeing, but it’s also kind of terrifying to leave my outline as much as I have been.

Which brings me to Isaac Asimov’s quote, which really felt appropriate to me this week:

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