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Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! What a week! My release date was moved up… by five months! And I’ve been scrambling. I just revealed my new pen name and the first cover in my new series. Now I’m trying to get some marketing pieces done and guest spots lined up.

I never do NaNoWriMo because it happens in the same month as Thanksgiving. I need significant prep-time for holidays. Now I find myself trying to promote a book in the same week as Easter! (After I write this, I have to go to the store, then bake my ham and make three kinds of potato salad. Tomorrow is cheesecake and homemade sauce. Saturday we have our meal, as we have travel issues to work around. And of course there’s cleaning and laundry, and Mass on Sunday…)

I remember when I used to be over-prepared for everything. Lately, I’ve become the Queen of Catch-Up…

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