Staci’s back with two weeks’ worth of writing links!

Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! I’ve got a bonus for you. I was with my daughter last week (and a lot of this week) so I didn’t post last Friday. I did, however, save a lot of links. I didn’t have time to read them all—only some—so I can’t guarantee they’re helpful, but they looked promising. Long story short, I have two week’s of links for you. Hopefully they’re all as good as their titles indicated.

On that note, my inbox, as you might imagine, is laughably out of control. I’m never going to catch up, so I’ve decided not to try. If I missed some (or any) of your posts, I apologize. Moving forward, things will be back to status quo.

I took this time off because I don’t know when I’ll see my daughter again. We tried to figure it out when she was here. Our best guess is it’ll be…

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