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Where Genres Collide Traci Kenworth YA Author





“My favorite genre for pure reading pleasure is the pulp and mass market crime
fiction of the golden age—roughly 1929 (the yearThe Maltese
was published) to the early 1960s (when secret agents started
to take over). Some of the titles from that period reach out and grab you by
the lapels. A couple of my faves:

I Wake Up Screaming.This
is a noir by Steve Fisher, first published in 1941 and made into a fine film
starring Victor Mature, Betty Grable, and Laird Cregar.

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands.How’s
that for a grabber? This was British noir by a writer named Gerald Butler. It
came out in 1947 and was turned into a movie starring Burt Lancaster and Joan
Fontaine. The novel itself is a dark but riveting read with a surprise ending.
In form and feel…

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