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Joan Hall

Hey, everyone. It’s Friday, and that means its time for a photo story and the week in review.

Okay, this week’s photo isn’t the most pleasant one I’ve shared. (And after yesterday’s woeful post, you may not want to visit me for a while.) However, more cheerful things are ahead.

If you’ve read my bio, you know I love exploring old cemeteries. Most of the ones around here only date back to the mid eighteen-fifties (for marked graves). However, there are still lots of stories behind these gravestones.

I took the above photo a few years ago in a nearby country cemetery. Three generations of my husband’s family are buried there. While exploring one day, I came across this single headstone for three people who died on the same day.

The first time I saw it, I misread the birthdate for the person in the middle, thinking it was three…

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