That’s a great offer. Of course, I’ve already bought them all. Now, for the time to actually enjoy them… 😀

Entertaining Stories

Charles is holding a big sale for the month of October. This is for his fantasy vampire series, so you can see the Halloween theme behind it all. This is a great opportunity to jump onboard.


For the month of October, all threeWar of Nytefallbooks will be available for 99 cents each.

I’ll be posting about this once a week and keeping up a pinned Tweet for the entire month, which is really it for promotions. If anyone wants to host a simple promo post or copy/paste the above then let me know. I can put some posts together for people, but I really can’t do anything complicated due to time restraints. We can discuss things in the comments if you want to help.

There’s an ulterior motive here as well, which is why this isn’t working exactly like…

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