Some great writing tips from Charles!

Legends of Windemere

Batman and Catwoman comic
Credit: Tony S. Daniel/DC Comics

Writing a Bad Girl is easy if you’re going for the stereotype, but more difficult if you’re going to try to go out of the mold.  We’ll see what we can come up with here.  It might be a bunch of ‘Do Not!’ tips to avoid going over heavily trodden ground.  Let’s see what happens . . . Sorry in advance.

  1. Sex does not always have to be involved.  You can have them be mysterious and rebellious as well as attractive, but they don’t have to be introduce eating a lollipop in an unnatural way.  We get the phallic symbolism of food, so get her away from the corndog vendor.  Just try to find other ways to demonstrate that this is a character who is different than those who follow the rules.
  2. Like the jacket of the Bad Boy, you might…

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