Daffodils and Joan’s writing links of the week!

Joan Hall

Okay, whenever a new month and year rolls around, I can’t help but wonder what happened to the last one. Why does time seem to fly? So, I’m not going to mention the previous month except to say we’ve made it to February.

So far, winter has been fairly mild here in Texas. Just cold and damp enough to make life miserable. We don’t get snow every year, so once again, I’m looked back into my photo archives for this one:

Taken in February 2011, this is a view from my front porch. This year, my daffodils are up and will bloom within a few days. Of course, I have seen daffodils in the snow:

We had a light dusting of snow in March 2010. Who knows what will happen before spring arrives. But for now, it’s time for this week’s writing links:

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