How to Get More Blog Followers

My dear friend MMJaye published this awesome blog post today, titled 13 Strategy-Altering Blogging Stats, that was based on a post by Mitt Ray of Social Marketing Writing.  Mitt has taken all blog-related statistics he could lay his hands on and created a superb infographic that is an excellent resource for all us bloggers.

Along with the blogging stats, Mitt has provided some tips on how they can be used to create a better blog.  He also lists his original sources, which is a great idea for anyone looking for some extra reading into this. I have converted these to easy-to-follow links, for your convenience. I suggest you take a look whenever you have some free time to spare; they make for a fascinating read. On the other hand, the most important lessons are already included in Mitt’s infographic, so even if you’re pressed for time (and who isn’t?), you can just look at that.

  1. A Scientific Guide to Posting Tweets, Facebook Posts, Emails, and Blog Posts at the Best Time
  2. 55 Reasons Blogging Creates 55% More Traffic
  3. Websites With More Content Generate More Customers
  4. 12 Revealing Charts to Help You Benchmark Your Business Blogging Performance
  5. How to Grow Social Media Leads
  6. What Kind of Content Gets Links in 2012?
  7. Blogging Stats 2013
  8. The Science of Social Timing Part 3: Timing and Blogging
  9. How to Perform SEO on Your Website With Social Media
  10. 5 Ways to Make Friends with Strangers on Your Blog
13 Blogging Statistics You Probably Don’t Know, But Should, Infograph by Mitt Ray, Social Marketing Writing

Infograph by Mitt Ray, Social Marketing Writing

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