From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksDo you like dark epic fantasy – with a sci-fi twist? Then you’ll love Pearseus: Schism, that lays the back story to the Pearseus series that has reached #1 on Amazon.

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What Readers Say

“I’ve never read anything like it before”

“…an excellent story about mankind starting over on a new planet, ill prepared as the characters are”

“…a well-written, adventure packed introduction to a fascinating world.”

“I had to keep reading late into the night to find out what happened.”

What is it about?

It’s New Year’s Eve, the year of 2099, but the distinguished guests aboard the Pearseus won’t get to countdown seconds; soon they’ll be counting bodies and survivors after the spaceship’s crash landing on another planet.

The good news? The planet is seemingly hospitable both in resources and in terms of the natives’ attitude towards earthlings.

The bad news? They might have come on this planet bare of possessions, but what they haven’t been able to shed are the shortcomings of their human nature. Will that be the sole threat to a unified future, or is the new land and its first inhabitants not as innocent as they look?

The best-selling short prequel to the Pearseus series is filled with surprising twists: A leader that falls prey to unseen forces. An unlikely hero who faces death for his convictions. Mysterious voices driving the survivors to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors. But who are their true ancestors? And how many voices are there?

What do readers think?

“Realism and philosophy set in a sci-fi reality”

“Reading a LOT of books means that I am pretty immune to cheap tricks and poor writing. If it doesn’t catch my attention I usually don’t finish. This one definitely captured me! Great read.”

“[It] raises the bar for both the reader and the genre as a whole.”

“He simply tells a story of corruption, people struggling as pioneers seeking to do with what they have… The measure of this book is that the triumph is not a textbook description, but a sense of a living struggle.”

“A great introduction to a terrific tale!”

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