Photos of Greece

These are some photos I have taken in Greece.

[NB: If you wish to use any of these on your blog or elsewhere, all I ask is that you credit me with a link to this page, or contact me for a signature-free, hi-res version.]

11 thoughts on “Photos of Greece”

  1. Beautiful photos! I love Greece. Spent part of my childhood growing up in Cyprus…nothing to do with British Armed Forces! We go almost every year to Kalymnos, my mother has just about retired there. In fact, I was married there 7 years ago! My children love it there too. Wish I was there now!

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    • Thank you! Greece is lovely, especially for holidays, although working in Athens can be somewhat… challenging at times. 😉 There’s no beating the islands, mind you (I’m from Corfu).


      • Ah, I’ve been to Corfu, it was lovely! Cities are always challenging, but the heat does make it harder to bear. Still, I’d put up with a city in Greece…I will be going to Kalymnos for my annual family pilgrimage later this year, no city in sight just beautiful sea and sunshine and happy friendly Greek people, can’t wait!

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  2. Nicholas, I found 3 photos here for the Sunset Gallery! I’m still looking for more. Thanks so much. Of course credit goes to you on all of them! Christine

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  3. Nicholas, I think the Corfu and Olympic Stadium are also sunsets. So, I’m up to five. I’ve looked for more, but they all seem to be here in this section. I love your photographs! Coming back for another tour! And a read of your writing!!!Thank you!!! Christine

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    • So glad you like my photos! I do have a couple of stunning sunrises on 🙂

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      • Nicholas, I agree the sunrises are stunning! I’ve got the 3 of them and yes, they are going in the Sunset Gallery! I might need to change the name to The Sun Also Rises and Sets Gallery. Some writers catch sunrises, some writers catch sunsets. So, why not showcase both. Your Tour of Greece photos are amazing! I’m right back there! I’d been to Corfu and loved it. I’d been to Lindos, Rhodes countless times. A writer friend lived there. And visited Crete on holiday. My sons were Mykonos fans along with their high school buddies. It was quite the extraordinary life in Ekali/Kifissia for 5 years. Too bad I lost most of the photos that I took there (another bad story). But, the memories stayed of the beautiful land and people. Thank you! Christine

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        • I love the new gallery title!

          Along with Santorini, Myconos is the prettiest Greek island. Of course, I’ve been to both in June, before the tourists flock, which might have something to do with my enjoying both places so much.

          As I’m from Corfu, you won’t hear me argue about its beauty, too. I always feel like I’m in Italy when I’m over there. And the music, oh the music! Divine! 🙂

          I’ve never been to Rhodes or Crete, surprisingly enough.

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          • Change is good! I’m always looking for a new perspective! So, kudos for you giving me the beautiful Greek sunrises! Crete is nice, but not that exciting. Now Lindos, Rhodes? It was a mecca for writers and painters! I was among them all and only had a slim folder of poems I’d written! But, hey, I could speak their language and made a lot of artsy friends who came over to Kifissia and stayed with me…they always “paid me back” for bed & board with some kind of art work! And they kid sat while I traveled!
            Such a good life there! Christine

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  4. Greece is one of the places in the world I’d love to visit. Thanks for the view.

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